Postcode Report

Find out what the neighbours paid with comprehensive data on how much properties have sold for in all the suburbs within a certain postcode.

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This report includes:

  • Sales history for 12-24 months

    As reported to us daily by Valuer-General offices and real estate agents nationwide

  • Comprehensive sales details

    Auction or private treaty, sale price, date, agent name

  • Market trends

    Median price trends for houses and units for the last 5 years

  • Market snapshot

    Auction clearance rate, number sold by auction vs private treaty, total sales value, etc.

  • Up-to-date auction results

    Whether the property sold prior, sold at auction, sold after, vendor bid and so on

  • In-depth property info

    Beds, baths, parking, area size, features e.g. heating, alarm, etc.

  • Median forecast

    12 month forecast for houses and units (price and % change)

  • Links to Domain

    Link to the advert as it appeared on Domain with floor plans, descriptions and more

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* Sales history may not be complete if the sellers agent or Valuer General has not reported the sale result to Australian Property Monitors®
** Private treaty sales in Victoria may not have street numbers included.

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Who should buy this?

  • Buyers wanting sales trends for an area
  • Owners wanting rich info on comparable sales
  • Investors wanting aggregated market data

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